Some robot mowers require installation by an approved individual or company, although there are brands that can be installed by members of the public. Some of these include installation kits as standard, and others have them available as an optional extra. The manufacturers of these machines always recommend getting your unit installed by a dealer, however, as this ensures your machine will be operating to its maximum performance, and keeps you covered for any issues you may encounter in the future. Honda Miimo machines are supplied complete with an installation kit.

We are proud to be an approved robot mower installer as well as a well-respected garden machinery dealer, and benefit from qualified and experienced staff that are able to survey your garden, recommend the best brand and model, complete the set-up for you, and carry out the full installation. We are able to personally install all robot mowers sold within the radius shown below for a great value price. Of course this is just a rough guide, so if you are close to the area it is always worth contacting us so we can take into account your specific circumstances. 

A rough guide to the areas we are able to install to. Please contact us with your details if you are close to this area but not inside it.

Installation typically involves five stages: A consultation and site survey, preparation of the site, installation of the necessary boundary wire and docking station, programming the mower to work in your garden, and the final stage of testing and training you to operate it. 

The most specific requirement for installation of a robot mower is a 13A outdoor, weatherproof socket. This is required for the docking/charging station, which must be positioned within 10 metres of the socket. This is something our installers can talk to you about over the phone or by email, but will be a necessity before installation can be carried out. 

The consultation and survey stage involves us discussing with you what you hope to achieve from your robotic mower, viewing your garden so that we can identify any potential issues (like steep slopes or particularly complex sections), as well as choosing the best place for the docking station, plus how and where to lay the boundary wire. Depending on the layout of your garden you may need certain changes to be able to accommodate your new machine or to get the most from it in the future.

Installation of a Honda Miimo by a trained professional.

The installation cost is just an estimate and may increase. Depending on the work necessary to install your mower, you may find that the installation cost charged on the website increases - this is something our installer will discuss with you on site, and beforehand so that you know what to expect.

Preparing the site can involve a number of minor landscaping changes necessary to accommodate a robot mower, or you may find very little needs to be done. These changes might include the need for an external power source to power the docking station, filling in any holes or removing certain obstacles where possible. Your grass will need to be cut to 2.5 inches or lower before the mower arrives, as these are machines designed to maintain grass height through frequent cutting, rather than providing substantial reductions in height.

The installation itself will be carried out by a trained professional from one of our branches. On the day this will involve the boundary wire being installed (usually located approximately 25 mm below the grass) around the edge of your garden, and around any particular obstacles such as ponds or ornamental features. The docking station will also be installed in the best location for your garden, taking into account your preferences too. 

Once the boundary wire and docking station are in place, the installer can begin setting up the robot mower itself. They will program your new mower's cutting schedule based on your requirements, ensuring it is set to suit your needs and goals.

We will make sure your new mower is correctly programmed to meet your needs.

Finally, the installer will set the robot mower running. They will stay for a short while to make sure it is working as planned and will tweak any settings as necessary. At this point they will also give you operating and safety instructions so that you are fully confident to make changes as you see fit in the future. Of course, we will always be just a phone call or email away should you need any advice or assistance from us getting the most from your new robot mower.