An introduction to Honda's Miimo

With Honda's renowned expertise in the garden machinery sphere, combined with their knowledge of the latest, cutting edge technology, the Miimo range of innovative and intelligent robotic lawn mowers takes all the effort out of achieving garden lawn perfection.

If you find yourself losing time you could spend either relaxing or on working in other parts of your garden cutting the grass then Honda's Miimo range could well be the solution. The technology has caught up with the dream, resulting in machines that are able to work without human intervention, on a variety of garden types, intelligently following the layout of your garden and leaving no ugly clippings left behind.

The Honda Miimo makes looking after your lawn, simple.

Unbelievable time & financial savings

These are machines that effectively give you a professional-quality finish to your lawn, without the high costs of hiring a gardener, or the labour costs of cutting the grass yourself multiple times per week. The Miimo mowers work by cutting the grass little and often, which results in the best possible finish and health to your lawn and a lush, green, carpet-like finish. This also helps reduce weed growth and means that the clippings are so small that they simply wilt away and are unnoticeable. Of course, this also means that you don't have to rake, collect or empty clippings, with everything happening naturally on your lawn.

An autonomous machine that can work without you

Honda have designed these machines with a simple goal in mind: to take the effort of mowing your lawn away from you. This means you don't have to set the Miimo going every day, you don't have to put it away in the rain, you don't have to charge it yourself when the battery runs low, and you don't have to manually cut slopes and tricky sections. The Miimo can cut as often or as little as you want, while automatically varying its performance to suit the season and grass conditions (so it cuts more often when the grass grows quickly, and changes its pattern on thicker sections). It is waterproof and can work in all weather conditions, and returns automatically to its assigned docking station when charging is required. It operates extremely quietly and with no disturbance - even able to work at night without an issue. Slopes up to 25 degrees are not an issue for Miimo due to high traction and grip, with fast-acting sensors ensuring it has no problem with holes, obstacles or uneven ground.

The Miimo is able to work around you, cutting at all hours and in all conditions.

Personalise your mower's performance

Although the idea of a machine that you can simply turn on and allow to cut your grass all-year-round is extremely appealing, Honda of course understand that some people still like to have an influence over just how the grass is cut. As with most modern technology, it can also just be a great amount of fun interacting with it and seeing the effects of your impact on its working pattern. The HRM 3000 model, for example, benefits from an intuitive smartphone app that lets you modify your Miimo's settings on your phone, changing the cutting height, mowing times and more completely remotely. The cutting height on all models can be changed between 20 mm and 60 mm, adjustable electronically on the HRM 3000 or manually on other models. You can identify a variety of remote starting points for your Miimo to ensure perfect coverage, or simply allow it to start mowing from the docking station. 

Easy to look after

As an electric machine, there is far less to worry about with the Honda Miimo range compared to mowing your grass with a petrol mower. Because it gently cuts the grass, wear is reduced, while you are also backed up by Honda's renowned build quality and warranty service. The HRM 3000 can also be simply hosed down for cleaning. Some people also have concerns about safety and security, which has actually been a key priority for Honda's design teams. Thanks to 360 degree sensors, the Miimos change direction if any obstacle is detected, making it safe for gardens with pets or children. If the machine detects a lifting or tilting motion, it also stops the blades instantly. For security, you can protect your machine with a personal security code, so it cannot be used by anyone else, while it if it is lifted up (causing the blades to stop), only your PIN can restart it.

Hassle-free mowing with an impeccable finish.

Great for a variety of gardens

Able to deal with almost any kind of garden, the Miimo range can smoothly navigate around swimming pools, trees, bushes, ponds and flower beds, while the docking station for the HRM 3000 model can be installed in any location on your lawn, such as in a tight corner or even under a bush out of sight. The Miimo 310 can cut up to 1,500m sq, the Miimo 520 can cut up to 3,000m sq, and the Miimo 3000 can cut up to 4,000m sq. Please see our models pages for more information on the benefits of each unit.

Installation by the experts

To ensure you can enjoy truly autonomous mowing from your Honda Miimo, installation and setup by an approved dealer is always recommended. These machines essentially work by mowing an area inside a boundary wire that needs to be installed around the perimeter of your lawn. We, or our installation partners (depending on your location) will survey your garden and ensure it is suitable for the Miimo, potentially recommending a specific model where necessary. We will advise you of the best point for the docking station and of any landscaping changes necessary to accommodate it (such as an external socket for the station). Because the Miimo works by maintaining your grass height rather than cutting it from long to short, you also need to make sure that you do a final cut to the required height before installation.

Upon installation, the boundary wire will be installed, as will the docking station, and the installer will program the Miimo initially to meet your requirements. We will test it and advise you on how to operate it so that you can make changes as required to suit your needs.

Opt for professional installation to ensure your Miimo works at its best.