HONDA Miimo HRM 310 Robot Mower

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HONDA Miimo HouseHONDA Miimo House
HONDA Miimo Boundary Wire (HRM 310 / 520)HONDA Miimo Boundary Wire (HRM 310 / 520)
HONDA Miimo Replacement Blade Kit (9 pcs.)HONDA Miimo Replacement Blade Kit (9 pcs.)

The HRM 310 is Honda's entry level robot mower, still packed with the latest, cutting edge technology that will revolutionise looking after your lawn.

The Miimo range takes advantage of Honda's renowned experience in robotics, as well as their pedigree when it comes to gardening machinery, power tools and battery technology, to result in one of the most sophisticated robot mowers out there.

Clever enough to work without you

Once your Miimo HRM 310 is set up, it boasts the intelligence to work unassisted. These machines are powered by their own batteries, meaning they can work autonomously, even recharging themselves when necessary. You can program the machine to work around a schedule that suits you (avoiding times when the family may want to relax on the lawn, for example), while it can even work in the rain and around the clock.

The HRM 310 will keep your lawn looking fantastic with next-to-no interaction necessary on your part.

A beautiful, professional-quality finish

With the Miimo you don't need to pay a lawncare professional to look after your grass. These mowers are designed to maintain the grass height at a short level by cutting little and often. This results in much healthier grass, a beautiful, carpet-like finish, and a manicured appearance that is extremely hard to match with a petrol mower. 

Built with safety in mind

As well as being packed with the intelligence to work unaided, a crucial part of Honda's development of the Miimo has revolved around safety. They are equipped with a suite of sensors that can detect any lifting or tilting motion, causing the blades to instantly stop. They have 360 degree sensors that detect obstacles and allow the mower to change direction to avoid them, ensuring it can be used in gardens with children and pets with complete peace of mind.

No need to worry about your Miimo working around children or pets.

A top quality machine

The build quality of the Miimo range is simply outstanding, with Honda's brushless electric motors boasting the performance and reliability you would expect from the Honda brand. The HRM 310 has an impact-resistant polymer body, while benefiting from quiet and unobtrusive operation, even allowing the lawn to be cut at night without disturbance.

Ideal for smaller lawns

Honda have a range of Miimos designed to face the vast majority of challenges posed by British gardens. This model is ideal for smaller lawns, able to cut up to 1,500 m2. It can handle slopes up to a 45% incline, and has a mowing time per charge of 40 minutes, with a charging time of 30 minutes. This, of course, is all taken care for you as part of the Miimo's autonomous nature. The HRM 310 also includes an easy to use LCD screen, complete with an 18 button keypad and zone control functionality.


  • Area Capacity: Up to 1500 m²
  • Working Capacity: 83 m²/h
  • Maximum Incline Mowing Area: 24° / 45%
  • Maximum Incline Wire on Slope: 10° / 17%
  • Noise Level Guaranteed: 62 db(A)
  • Blade Type: 3 (Swing back type)
  • Cutting Width: 220 mm
  • Cutting Height Adjustment: Manual from 20 to 60 mm
  • Battery Type: Li-ion 22.2V / 1.8Ah
  • Mowing Time per Charge: 40 min
  • Charging Time: 30 min
  • Waterproofing: IPX4
  • Smartphone Application: No
  • Docking Station Position: Parallel to boundary wire
  • Boundary Wire and Pegs Supplied: 200 m / 200 pegs
  • Length x Width x Height: 635 mm x 550 mm x 287 mm
  • Weight: 11.6 kg

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