HONDA Miimo HRM 3000 Robot Mower

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HONDA Miimo Boundary Wire - 500m (HRM 3000)HONDA Miimo Boundary Wire - 500m (HRM 3000)
HONDA Miimo HouseHONDA Miimo House
HONDA Miimo Replacement Blade Kit (9 pcs.)HONDA Miimo Replacement Blade Kit (9 pcs.)

Honda's flagship, premium Miimo mower can handle large, complex lawns and is packed with features to leave the competition trailing in its wake.

The HRM 3000 has everything that makes the other Miimo models so sought after, plus additional premium features such as smartphone connectivity, electric cutting height adjustment and flexible docking.

Unbeatable intelligence from this top-of-the-range Miimo

The idea of robot mowers is that they silently work in the background while you can get on with relaxing, or spending the new hours that you've gained from no longer having to mow the grass yourself. These machines are clever enough to return to the charging station automatically when required, can cut the grass in rainy conditions and at night, and generally can just get on with the job without any user input.

The Miimo returns to its docking station automatically when charging is required.

Mulching mowing for a hassle-free, pristine finish

Before your new mower is installed the grass should be cut short to the desired length - the Miimo then maintains this length, cutting it little and often, creating tiny clippings that simply wilt away down into the surface of the lawn where they are unnoticeable and act as a natural fertiliser. This ensures there are no clippings to be dragged through the house on shoes, you get a clean, fine finish, and healthy, lush, green grass.

Built with safety & peace-of-mind at the forefront

Thanks to 360 degree sensors, the Miimo HRM 3000 is able to detect any obstacles that may be in its way, ensuring it can react to avoid them. Should an inquisitive child, for example, pick up the Miimo, or if it is knocked over, the blades instantly stop as lifting or tilting is detected. Honda have created a machine that you can feel confident to leave working in the background, without having to change your lifestyle to fit around it.

You can leave the HRM 3000 running without a worry, thanks to obstacle avoidance and programmable settings.

A premium-quality Honda machine

This model benefits from the same advantages as the other Miimo mowers, with the body made of impact-resistant polymer and brushless electric motors providing near-silent operation, but also includes extra features that make it a pleasure to operate. An innovative smartphone app is compatible with this model, allowing you to manage settings remotely, change the cutting height, start and stop or even set the monthly timer to stop cutting for a specific day. Other enhancements unique to this model include a washable deck, for simple maintenance and electric cutting height adjustment.

Able to deal with the most complex lawns

The HRM 3000 features the same zone management as the existing models, allowing you to control your Miimo's mowing patterns so that you can ensure it reaches all areas. An additional benefit of this model, however, is flexible docking, which allows you to position the docking station in a variety of positions, such as corners, narrow passages or on a patio. The built-in LCD panel can be used in conjunction with the smartphone app so that you can easily manage settings, change the cut height and oversee zone management effortlessly.


  • Area Capacity: Up to 4000 m²
  • Working Capacity: 170 m²/h
  • Maximum Incline Mowing Area: 25° / 47%
  • Maximum Incline Wire on Slope: 15° / 27%
  • Noise Level Guaranteed: 59 db(A)
  • Blade Type: 3 (Swing back type)
  • Cutting Width: 220 mm
  • Cutting Height Adjustment: Manual from 20 to 60 mm
  • Battery Type: Li-ion 22.2V / 5.4Ah
  • Mowing Time per Charge: 90 min
  • Charging Time: 45 min
  • Waterproofing: IPX5
  • Smartphone Application: Android and iOS
  • Docking Station Position: Flexible
  • Boundary Wire and Pegs Supplied: -
  • Length x Width x Height: 710 mm x 550 mm x 301 mm
  • Weight: 13.8 kg

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