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Featured Products
HONDA Miimo HRM 3000 Robot Mower

HONDA Miimo HRM 3000 Robot Mower£2,599.00   £2,399.00

Honda's most advanced robot mower, ables to deal with some of the largest, most complex lawns out there.

Working Area: 4000 m2
Maximum Incline:  47%
Area Complexity:  5/5
HONDA Miimo HRM 310 Robot Mower

HONDA Miimo HRM 310 Robot Mower£1,490.00   £1,090.00

A great solution for taking the hassle out of mowing your medium-sized lawn, this is a quiet, supremely intelligent robot mower.

Working Area: 1500 m2
Maximum Incline:  45%
Area Complexity:  2/5